I am not a published author.

It’s not precisely for lack of trying. I’ve long thought of ‘author’ as being my dream job, and that if I could get a novel finished and published, there was a chance it would take off and I could make a living writing for the rest of my life. When I was in high school, I sat down and began working on the novel I figured would change my life.

As it turns out, writing a novel is hard.

Now, I’m not a bad writer by any means. I tend to be a bit wordy (as my posts on this site will surely reflect), and my sentences are usually overly complicated; I’m a big fan of crazy punctuation marks like semicolons as well as parentheticals, dependent clauses, unnecessary adverbs, and self-demonstration. However, neither of those are deal-breakers, and I’ve read novels by people who are, quite frankly, terrible writers. No, the real problem for me isn’t so much the quality of my prose, but rather the many other skills that are needed to write a good novel.

Novels are about so much more than good writing, and this blog is dedicated to exploring those skills and attributes that separate good writers from good authors. I’ll be exploring exactly why I, as I am right now, will never be a good author. Maybe if I examine all of these different areas, I’ll learn to overcome my weaknesses and grow to the point where I actually could be a good author. And who knows? Maybe these posts can help other aspiring authors out there as well. 🙂

Whatever the result, I hope you enjoy the journey!



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